1 Gluten (A-Wheat, B- Spelt C-Khorasan, D-Rye, E-Barley F-Oats) / 2 Peanuts / 3 Nuts (A-Almonds, B-Hazelnuts, C-Cashews, D-Pecans, E-Brazil, F-Pistachio, G-Macedemia, H-Walnut / 4 Milk / 5 Crustaceans (A-Crab, B- Lobster, C-Crayfsh, D-Shrimp / 6 Mollusc / 7 Eggs / 8 Fish / 9 Celery / 10 Soya / 11 Sesame Seeds / 12 Mustard / 13 Sulphur dioxide & sulphites / 14 Lupin

Customers: All products/dishes are stored, prepared and handled in an environment where food allergens are used. We have implemented controls to reduce the risk of cross contamination but cannot guarantee the absence of allergen transfer. Please see the table above outlining the direct allergens used in our products/dishes. Some products have been cooked in oil with may have trace of sesame seeds. Please ask our staff should you have additional queries. All of Beef is of Irish origin.